Pictoral of the house with the colour selection

Frame complete

Thursday 16th and Friday 17th February bought new life and new faith...

On Thursday our family welcomed a new baby girl, our niece, into the world, Miss Josephine born at 10:55am :-)

And on our way to meet her, on Friday, we stopped into shell cove to check see what was happening. As we drove over the rise that leads to our street we were passed by a crane and truck. As we drove down the decline we were greeted by this...
Doesn't that look special!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I jumped out of the car. (OK so, the car had almost stopped when I jumped out, I was soooo excited.)

I really was shocked by how emotional I was about finally seeing our house. After years of looking at display homes & 12 months of paperwork to get to this point. Awesome!!!

Overall the size of the house is as we expected. We knew it was going to be smaller than most of the displays we had seen. However I am kicking myself a little that I didn't try make the house wider, when we are restricted by the depth (thanks to the Asset protection zone)

But we don't have oooooooodlles of cash so we have been smart. The best thing is that it will be ours at the end and that makes me verrrrry happy!

Here are some more shots.

Rain... Rain...GO AWAY!!!

Husband spoke to our SS today and apparently there was a framer scheduled to arrive on Tuesday but due to the 'lovely weather' we are all experiencing, he was cancelled. And it appears they have other jobs and everyone is getting pushed back and rescheduled...blah...blah...blah!

"Just build my house".... wow that sounded spoilt! anyway looks as though the weather from Wednesday may give us a small reprieve.

And then there was........... NOTHING!!!

 I think this is our builders to-do-list for this week!

Sunday has been the most highly anticipated day of our build to date. I have been super excited to visit our block allllll week. We arrived on site at approximately 9:45am this morning. And you read correctly, there has been sweet F.A done on site. I was absolutely gob smacked! I expected there to be either big piles of frames lying all over the slab or even some of the ground floor completed. But there was nothing...

Needless to say we will be on the phone to the builder first thing in the morning and asking W.T.F!!

I'll let you know how that goes tomorrow...

And then there was concrete!

Craig did a drive by on Monday 30th January and was able to see the tradies laying the waffle pods and reinforcements for the slab.

We visited on site at 10 am Saturday, 4th February to the site of fresh concrete.... Yippee! We did the usual walk around our area and met 2 lovely couples who will soon be our neighbours (everyone is just sooooo friendly) and apparently we missed the big concrete truck by only half an hour. Oh well.... we still enjoyed watching the men smoothing and drying the concrete for our slab. Here are some photos...
 The following photo was taken by our lovely neighbour on Sunday!

On monday we received a stop work notice for the 2nd and 3rd due to rain.... its times like these we wonder what happened to the drought ;-(