Pictoral of the house with the colour selection

Sooooo long between post...

It seems the pre-construction process is a very long process. We have not posted since November because there has been not much to talk about.

As we live in the Sutherland shire we cant just 'drop by' the land very easily so we had an issue when it came to the grass needing to be below ankle height. The lady from the Shell Cove sales office dropped by the land to check if it had been cleared (as the council has from time to time mowed our lawn for us). So she drove passed and the lawn was quite long, we then purchased a lawn mower and packed our 2 yr old off for a trip to mow our lawn. When we arrived we were greeted by a beautifully mowed lawn.... thanks to the council!

So we lost a week stuffing around with the lawn then it took another 10 days for the peg out survey to be completed, then there was some more paper work and some bank related delays.

Finally on the 21st of December we received a letter advising we had "officially entered the construction phase" yippee!!

Then 2 days later we received another letter saying 'oh and by the way we have a shut down period over Xmas that normally goes for 5 weeks but yours is only 3 weeks and we'll be back with bells on 16th January 2012.' We knew this would happen but at least we got to enjoy the 'Construction phase' for 2 days before Xmas.

Our site supervisor (SS) is now back to work and as we had hoped, he has hit the ground running! We have our temp fence up (the porta-loo arrived before Xmas) and excavation should be starting by the end of the week!

Colour Appointment - 26th October 2011

We managed to complete our colour selection on the 26th October and didn't require the second half of the appointment scheduled for the 31st October. Here are a few of our selections -

Interior Door handles
Front Door Trilock

The front door but it will be painted white.
We are getting our carpet through masterton. We figured the builders margin was worth paying so that we can move straight in and we worked the builders margin to be about 1 weeks mortgage payment so it was worth it!

We will later lay bamboo flooring to the downstairs and stairs. Like this -

Our balustrades will be standard and pained white like this -
As I find more piccies I'll add them here!

Council and Contracts

Ok so we exchanged contracts last Wednesday and our plans were submitted to council on Thursday so fingers crossed we get a speedy approval and building is started ASAP!

We have also made our internal colour appointment. This will be done over 2 days on Wednesday 26th and Monday 31st October. So I will let yas know how they go....

Tile Selection - 31 August 2011

After our initial visit to Don's Tiles with Craig. Nicholas and I went to our official tile selection appointment a couple of weeks ago. It was a very tiring 3 hours but I was able to choose what Craig and I had previously decided on and I walked out feeling completely drained of all inspiration....
Below are the colours we chose
Kitchen colours - Park Ave Splash back tiles 60x60, bench top in Mocha and cupboard doors in alabaster.

 Ensuite - Mosaic look feature tile (as seen on The Block ;-)) for the shower recess and splash back, metal look charcoal floor tile 20x20cm, White bench tops, charcoal high gloss doors and White gloss vertical wall tiles 20x40

Main Bath - Chocolate metal look floor tiles 30x30, chocolate matt horizontal tiles 10x30 for the bath surround, cream and caramel rectangle natural stone mosaics for the recess and splash back, ivory gloss vertical wall tiles 20x40, ivory bench tops and cabinets (not positive on the bench tops and cab nets)

 Laundry- Chocolate matt floor tiles 30x30,  ivory gloss vertical wall tiles 20x40, cream and caramel rectangle natural stone mosaics for the splash back in the adjoining powder room.

Balcony - I think these are 30x30 Grey/beige ish. The Alfresco area will be the same tile in 60x60.



Hi everyone,

Craig and I are first time builders/ bloggers and thought it would be interesting to share our journey to building our new house in Shell Cove. So please feel free to check in on our progress from time to time and I hope this will be a beneficial experience for everyone.

What has happened to date.... Well, we are building the Villina 28 by Masterton. We have a large APZ (Asset Protection Zone) at the back of our land due to bush fire regulations. Our land backs on to The Knoll on Muirfeild Avenue therefore we have had to make a few drastic changes to the size of our house Which suits us just fine as we wanted a lovely big back yard for the dog and Nicholas to run around in.

The land settled on the 1st of June and we are only weeks away from going to council but we are getting nervous. Time is ticking as we get closer to the ominous 26 week deadline to have the slab laid and avoid Stamp Duty. While we bite our nails to the bone we are trying ever so desperately to hurry our builders along.

We have been busy selecting tile colours and flooring but more on that when I can share some photos of the colour selections with you......ooooooh yippee!!! That's the fun part.

Soooooooooo Here are some photos of the land for you to look over and I'll be back shortly with an update on our progress with plans and council.