Pictoral of the house with the colour selection

Woohooooooo.... we have a hole in the ground.

Work started on site on Monday 16th and Craig rang the SS to check in and touch base. He advised us that the fence is up and the excavation would start by the end of the week. We took a real quick trip to the land on Friday 20th and we were like a pair of kids in a toys shop window. We were so excited to see after 12mths of planing, we finally had our house underway!

Craig did a very quick drive by on Wednesday the 25th and said nothing much had changed in a week. Then on Friday 27th we received a lovely email, which included the below photos, from our neighbour. THANKS!!

So it looks like they are getting ready to lay concrete!

We had a deflating moment at 3:45 Friday afternoon. We received an email from masterton advising us of our first variation to our contract. Apparently there was a little more spoil to be removed than first thought. :-(