Pictoral of the house with the colour selection


Hi everyone,

Craig and I are first time builders/ bloggers and thought it would be interesting to share our journey to building our new house in Shell Cove. So please feel free to check in on our progress from time to time and I hope this will be a beneficial experience for everyone.

What has happened to date.... Well, we are building the Villina 28 by Masterton. We have a large APZ (Asset Protection Zone) at the back of our land due to bush fire regulations. Our land backs on to The Knoll on Muirfeild Avenue therefore we have had to make a few drastic changes to the size of our house Which suits us just fine as we wanted a lovely big back yard for the dog and Nicholas to run around in.

The land settled on the 1st of June and we are only weeks away from going to council but we are getting nervous. Time is ticking as we get closer to the ominous 26 week deadline to have the slab laid and avoid Stamp Duty. While we bite our nails to the bone we are trying ever so desperately to hurry our builders along.

We have been busy selecting tile colours and flooring but more on that when I can share some photos of the colour selections with you......ooooooh yippee!!! That's the fun part.

Soooooooooo Here are some photos of the land for you to look over and I'll be back shortly with an update on our progress with plans and council.

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